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Such Beautiful Dignity In Self-Abuse

I've Finally Come To Understand Life Through Staring Blankly At My Navel

This journal is no longer in use. That is not because I no longer have shit going on...trust me, I do...I just need a change, need a new username, etc...for personal reasons - I'll post a friends-only post with my new username and reasons for changing, to keep in touch with those who have been so good to me here. If you friend me NOW, I will not friend you back because I do not anticipate using this account.

This is my secret journal...Nobody in "real life" knows that it's here...It's just stuff that I need to get out there...This is allowing me to be brutally honest and probably talk about stuff that most people really don't want to hear and would probably be disturbed by.

Issues That I Will Probably Deal With In This Journal
Plus Disclaimers
-My Eating Disorder (officially : "ED-NOS" - have done extreme restriction, binging, purging through exercise and laxatives, abused diuretics and many different types of diet pills, chewing and spitting, have tried other fad diets and/or weird suggestions to lose weight) - for any little girls looking for someone to give them "thinspiration" - I refuse to be that - sorry, I'm not writing about this to teach people that think it's a diet how to have an eating disorder or to be told that I need to stop - the reason i MADE this journal is because I need somewhere where I can just completely be myself without judgement. Yes, I have self-destructive tendencies, but I can't just give them up right now and pretend like they were never there.
-Self Injury/Cutting - again, this isn't necessarily something i'm proud of in "real life" but it's a part of my life that I can't give up right now -- I've been doing it for more than eight years now. If you think cutting is "cool," STOP while you still can.
-Psychological Instability - i've been diagnosed with so many different psychological ailments that I don't even know what's wrong with me anymore, so I'm just letting myself be crazy here and saying "fuck it" to the whole diag-nonsense bullshit
-Sex - any of my weird sexual urges, fantasies, experiences, fetishes, etc, will also go here, because it isn't something that I can be open about in my "real life"
-A ton of quotes/lyrics - because I like them
A buttload of other randomness

Enter at your own risk.

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